Trawler Lifestyle

Book currently in the works;

Stephen Burnett and  his wife Helene operated a recreational Trawler based out of Highland Yacht Club in Toronto and eventually moved to Kingston, the Eastern Ontario sailing center, adjacent to the Thousand Islands. Throughout the years Stephen and Helene have experienced what it is like to spend extended periods on board “The Full Monty”, cruising slow and steady under reliable diesel power, exploring the Great Lakes and the Hudson River between Kingston and Manhattan. This book is a practical “how to” manual that explains what is important about cruising under power – from provisioning, to fuel supply and from line handling to rough weather passages. It talks candidly about different types of trawlers and the advantages of displacement over planing hulls. Read Stephen’s perspective on what he calls “The Fear-Factor”, especially when land disappears over the stern and some boaters tend to get stressed. Read his chapter on personal security and the one percent chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trawler Lifestyle is as much about the style of one’s life afloat as it is about what diesel engines to buy. It focuses on the richness of the experience that cruising can offer and how to accomplish that in safety and comfort.