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Stephen was born in Leeds – Yorkshire which he left at an early age to hitch-hike around the world – where he discovered the grass was not necessarily as green as he had previously thought . He has spent the last 45 years re-exploring the planet, deriving great pleasure from discovering new places and marveling at how some countries have managed to keep their culture intact. From an early age he developed a sporting spirit and has competed as a track athlete, a Judoka and a race driver. His passions include literature, travel, anything with a motor, his family and his friends. Stephen is also a passionate believer in social justice and a strenuous objector to institutionalized entitlement. He is fascinated with life-long learning and not a day goes by without adding a new morsel of knowledge to his repertoire. When in secondary school he clearly remembers being constantly reminded how stupid he was by his teachers, and proving them wrong has been a life-long preoccupation. Most of his professional life has been spent in the tourism industry with brief side-trips on related assignments. He is grateful for the richness of his life and wishes that his wife Helene would have been his school teacher when he was younger.

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