“Field Planter” to a Historic Jaguar Race Car

Book now available describing this exciting project

Stephen has frequently been motoring past the same field on business trips between his home in Kingston and Ottawa the nation’s capital – each time looking at a familiar automotive shape peering out from the weeds between the trees. Read how he excavated a historic 1955 Jaguar XK 140 which had become a veritable “Field Planter” and turned it into the Kingston Jaguar Special.  Over an eighteen month period 817692 was stripped down to the chassis and completely rebuilt using the original Jaguar components including “Miss Slimline Inline” – the original XK 140 3.4 litre motor and the original “Moss” gearbox and drive train. The build program was not a linear experience and Stephen frequently found himself assembling brakes, drilling the chassis, shopping for Grade Eight fasteners and ordering parts from suppliers – on the same day and in the process discovering that home-building is quite different from an assembly line where widgets are patiently waiting to be assigned their place on the car. Still gainfully self-employed Stephen describes a typical day in his garage, bolting on springs and taking business calls, while speaking to his 91 year old mother in the UK courtesy of Steve Jobs Facetime. The project was ambitious, but with perseverance and a good dose of characteristic impatience, 817692 gradually emerged into her new life of romance and intrigue. This was an unforgettable experience for the family and a rare “how-to” book for the Jaguar enthusiast.

These images represent a journey – destination The Kingston Jaguar

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We found 817692 with weeds and assorted wildlife inhabiting her TraileringHomeJag 002SuepensionIntactJag 011 SuepensionIntact2Jag 011 ScuttleJag 012 FieldPlanterJag 004 FIeldPlanter3Jag 006 FIeldPlanter2Jag 006

Disassembling 817692 took longer than I thought & was full of surprises SittingInStrippedChassisJag 031SpringsOriginal2013 019HubOriginalJag 020

Many of the components were rust-welded and refused to yield EnginePreparing toLiftOutJag 001EngineOut&OilyJag 001Engine&STeeringOriginalStateJag 001

Castle nuts were aggravating to remove – often taking three hours each DisssemblyB112013 005ChassisStipped12013 005CHassisRust 266

In places the chassis was the consistency of an “after eight” mint ChassisRearEndStripped12013 005ChassisNotGoingAnywhere12013 005ChassisDogLeg12013 005


ChassisCOckpitJag 265ChassisCompletelyStripped12013 005

Supplies arriving at Tom and Geri’s farm and my paint shop


Front suspension – Ulla the Volvo brings the rebuilt chassis home  FrontSuspension21033ChassisRestoredB12013 005ChassisMovingB12013 005  

Rear suspension went on backwards until we got the hang of it

CHassisAssemblyRearSuspension6 CHassisAssemblyRearSuspension5 CHassisAssemblyRearSuspension4  

Rear springs are similar to those on Robin Hood’s Bullock cart

CHassisAssemblyRearSuspension3 CHassisAssemblyRearSuspension2 CHassisAssemblyRearSuspension1

Wheels mounted – Miss Inline Slimline installed – Helene takes a drive CHassisAssemblyNewWheels 006CHassisAssemblyEngineInserted3 CHassisAssemblyEngineInserted2

Twin 1 3/4 inch Skinner Union Carburetors

JaguarEngineIntoChassis 045 JaguarEngineIntoChassis 044 JaguarEngineIntoChassis 042

Interesting potential to incorporate the XK 140 Grill


New Alternator – waiting for adjustment bracket – Headers first fitting     

JaguarEngineIntoChassis 050  JaguarEngineIntoChassis 047


Oversize nuts                  Helene goes for a spin      Pulley attached

Assembly 025 CHassisAssemblyEngineInserted2 JaguarEngineIntoChassis 048

All three pulleys – front bulkhead fabricated and try-for -size fitting

JaguarEngineIntoChassis 055 JaguarEngineIntoChassis 057 JaguarEngineIntoChassis 056

Front (Nose cone) Bulkhead and Firewall Bulkhead – initial fabrication

JaguarEngineIntoChassis 057JaguarEngineIntoChassis 060 JaguarEngineIntoChassis 059 JaguarEngineIntoChassis 061


Jacob SInclair                 “Professor” Marc Claeg

HelperJacobSinclairB020 HelperMarcClaeg3020 HelperMarcClaeg2020

Joe Bernard and the chassis

ChassisMoving12013 005


The Kingston Jaguar Special – Canada

1106263550lh 1106263550lg1 1106263550lf1 1106263550le 1106263550ld   1106263550la1106263550pi1106263550lb  

Alfriston Jaguar Special – New Zealand


Alfriston Jaguar Special – New Zealand


Omega Jaguar Special – USA


Rixon Bucknall Jaguar – Australia


Freddie Owen Jaguar Special

FreddieOwen2thCA1NL3HD FreddieOwen1

 The Dunsmore Jaguar Special – UK

Dunsmore1c454-front-thumb Dunsmore2c454-leftside-thumb Dunssmore3c454-dash-thumb DUnsmore4c454-seats-thumb

Walt Hansgen/Bob Millstein Jaguar Special


 The Parkinson Jaguar Special

49-Jaguar-Special-DV-11-MH-01 49_Jaguar-Parkinson-SP1-num3-DV-12-MH-02 49-Parkinson-Special-DV-11-PH_01