Thoughts on life

From time to time I feel a compelling urge to adopt a cause, or to expose some bureaucratic government idiocy, or to heap praise on an organization for a job well done and having access to this website makes that possible.  In an age when many standards are being lowered to ensure everyone can pass the exam’ - I feel it is important to let one’s voice be heard and to support those who are truly making an effort.

The opportunities to offer my comments are not necessarily linear, nor are they particularly connected with each other – so to keep track of my thoughts I have resorted to an in-car note pad and occasionally find myself speaking into whatever that Android cousin of Siri is called. In case my wife is reading this, she needs to be assured that I would never think of writing when driving, nor would I indulge in any administrative functions while buzzing down the road.

From time to time I will add another arrow to this written quiver, so please take this at face value and don’t hesitate to send me your comments.