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If you reside in another country perhaps I can inspire you to visit Canada – and if you are a fellow Canadian perhaps I can inspire you to explore your own land. Over the last few decades I have had the good fortune to visit many “nooks and crannies” in this amazing country and I can honestly say that it never fails to entertain and encourage me to see more. One thing for sure is the vastness of the land itself and the endless opportunities to see unique and unspoiled regions. For many visitors, Canada is just that – an unspoiled country with endless opportunities to keep seeing more. Many years ago one of my Swiss friends was marveling at the unspoiled beauty of our mountains and when I queried why? – after all he comes from a country which has magnificent mountains – he simply commented, “the difference between our mountains in Switzerland and yours in Canada – is that we have tamed our mountains and live within them – while you have not.” I think about this quite often and on reflection he is perfectly correct but not only when comparing the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada. If you were to see the stunning wilderness location of the massive Richardson and Ogilvy chains in the Yukon Territory – you would agree there is nowhere on earth as remote and inspiring as these Mountains – which in the words of my Swiss friend truly defines “Untamed”.

Another exceptional experience is to venture north from Toronto and explore the five Great Lakes which can now be enjoyed on board one of several “pocket cruise ships”. They mostly steam between Toronto and Chicago with a modest 99 other guests, and because these are mostly boutique cruise ships – they offer intimacy and style.

I can also recommend a classic motoring holiday along the deserted shoreline of Lake Huron, Lake Superior and fabled Georgian Bay – where native tribes vacationed when times were less stressful and life was less complicated. Motoring along the shores of the Great Lakes resembles what motoring was like in Europe about 50 years ago when traffic was light and the pace not as torrid. The North shore of Lake Superior and the circle route around Georgian Bay have to be two of the world’s iconic drives with the shoreline rising and falling and never far from the water.

I have attached several journeys that you might find significant, so scroll down the menu and take a peek.

Bon voyage  РStephen